National Nursing Assistants Week

Our Certified Nursing Assistants are the heart and soul of South Atlantic Health Care. They are the main caregivers who look after our residents each day. These skilled professionals have the compassion of a close friend or family member as they help our residents complete daily activities they might have trouble with on their own (like bathing).

Our Certified Nursing Assistants are dedicated to helping aging adults reclaim their health and find joy.

Though our Certified Nursing Assistants are put to the test daily, they remain steadfast in their vocation. Here are just some of the ways they provide essential care and services to our residents.

  • Assist residents with self-care as needed
  • Provide nutrient-rich meals
  • Monitor resident’s vitals to ensure ongoing health
  • Reposition residents who are unable to do so to keep their skin healthy and ensure proper blood flow
  • Provide regular and thorough sanitizing services to resident rooms
  • Provide residents with transport assistance to and from beds, wheelchairs, exam tables, etc.

Our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) also serve as a bridge between residents and licensed clinical staff, ensuring all questions and concerns are communicated.

Our CNAs play a key role in the lives of our residents and keep our nursing staff up to date on vital information about their condition. We don’t know what we would do without them.

Thank you to each of our Nursing Assistants. We appreciate you.

If you are interested in joining our staff of caring CNAs, RNs and physicians, please contact a South Atlantic Health Care center near you.