SAHC Celebrates Nurses Appreciation Week 2021

SAHC Honors Nurses Appreciation Week with Spotlight on Tenured Nurses At South Atlantic Health Center, nurses mean a lot to our patients and us. They are responsible for the primary care and wellbeing of our seniors. And during COVID-19, many of them work under stressful conditions while still taking excellent care of our patients. This … Continued

Tips for Seniors to Get Better Sleep

A Guide to Aging without Sleep Problems Many people will experience changes in their sleep patterns as they age. As many as 7 in 10 older adults struggle with some form of chronic sleep issue. Are you having trouble sleeping? We understand that sleep issues can interfere with your daily routines and even reduce your … Continued

March is National Social Worker’s Month

South Atlantic Health Care Essential Employee Spotlight At South Atlantic Health Care (SAHC), we couldn’t operate without our team of hard-working and dependable social workers. We strive to be a place where these selfless heroes feel appreciated and supported. For this reason, we’re celebrating National Social Worker’s Month by highlighting one of our outstanding team … Continued

President receives COVID vaccine

Our president COVID vaccine video Each day brings exciting news on the COVID-19 vaccine front, and today is no exception. Brett Barnett, the president, recently received the first dose of his vaccine, and he is feeling great. Brett took the opportunity to film the process so he could share his experience with patients, their friends … Continued

Physically Distant—Socially Connected

We’ve learned a lot over the past few months, and each of our centers has done an incredible job dealing with the ongoing pandemic through strong leadership, collaboration and coordination. Everyone from our medical staff and chefs to our wellness and Activity teams has approached their area of expert care with unmatched grace and attention … Continued

South Atlantic Health Care is First in U.S. to Deploy Rensair’s Portable Air Scrubbers

Extra COVID Measures in Place to Ensure Health and Safety of Patients, Staff & Visitors           South Atlantic Health Care today announced the installation of Rensair® portable air scrubbers inside its South Carolina facilities, making it the first healthcare facility in the United States to deploy Rensair’s patented system of UV light and HEPA13 filter technology which destroys 99.97% … Continued

Long Term Awareness Month: Long Term Care Services

November is National Long Term Care Awareness Month, and the South Atlantic Health Care (SAHC) centers in South Carolina are showing support for our skilled team of specialists and residents.  As a leading provider of rehabilitation, skilled nursing, assisted living and long term care for seniors, we want to encourage anyone 65 years or older … Continued

Honoring Residents Rights Every Day

October is “Resident’s Rights Month,” an annual event that honors all residents living in long-term care centers. The skilled team of specialists across all South Atlantic Health Care centers wanted to share this event with our readers and highlight how we’re celebrating our residents and honoring their rights every day.  Many of those living with … Continued

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

September 13th through the 19th is National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, and the physicians at South Atlantic Health Care would like to raise awareness of the importance of this effective short-term care. Our rehabilitation teams work hand-in-hand with our physicians and skilled nurses to help patients restore strength, mobility, coordination and balance as well as improve … Continued